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Buyer’s Guide

What you need to know before buying your next home.

Getting ready to purchase a new home? Whether you are a first-time buyer or preparing to upsize or downsize, there is always more to learn about the process. Taking the time to uncover helpful home buying strategies can help you find the best deals, learn negotiating skills, and know how to get exactly what you want. One of the best places to turn for these tips is your realtor. 
When working with Cathy Rogers and her team of real estate experts, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best, most up-to-date information available. Check out what you should know before purchasing your next house.

Let Your Realtor Take the Lead

The home buying process can often be filled with busy work and stress. Skip the hassle by letting your realtor take the lead for you. From creating the perfect online home listing to running your open house, you can rely on your realtor for all of your needs. Your agent can advise on various topics, including how much you should list your home for, what to look for in a quality offer, contracts, and closing. Lean on your realtor for everything you need so that the process is as seamless as possible.

Express Your Needs and Preferences

As soon as you begin working with your realtor, communicate your exact needs and preferences. Don’t be shy! By being open and detailed from day one, your realtor will have all of the information needed to meet — or even exceed — your expectations. Important things to communicate include how many bedrooms/bathrooms you need, what special features and fixtures you want, and the total square footage and acreage you prefer.

Get Pre-approved for a Mortgage Through a Trusted Lender

Another key strategy for making the home buying process run as smoothly as possible is to obtain a pre-approval letter from a trusted lender. Knowing what you can spend before making an offer will allow you and your realtor to explore homes that are best suited to your budget. If you need recommendations for a lender, your agent can provide you with a list of highly-rated options.

Go to Closing With Confidence

With so many moving parts involved in buying a home, getting to your closing day can feel daunting. The right realtor knows how to guide you through the processes of making an offer, completing follow-up work, and getting to closing day with confidence. Having the right team on your side removes the guesswork out of buying a home. It also ensures that you won’t miss anything crucial that could delay or prevent you from moving into the house of your dreams.
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